Sara Hammel shares the stories behind her new book

Sara Hammel and I met in the New York in the late ’90s at a women in media event.  When we discovered we both lived north of west 96th Street, we shared a cab, chatting the whole way. She moved to London soon after that fateful taxi ride. When I followed her there a few years later, she was an invaluable resource, introducing me to friends, and showing me the best pubs in Wimbledon.

I have always been a big fan of her books, and loved reading The Strong Ones: How a Band of Civilian Women Made Their Mark on the Army. In her podcast interview, she told me how she loves mystery authors like Gillian Flynn and Ruth Ware.

She wants to write a Gone Girl meets Ruth Ware, Girl in Cabin 10. “I love those kinds of books,” she told me. We look forward to reading what you write next!


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